Missed Opportunity: The Coming Revival

Fully Invested Prayer

Seek Respond Know (Prayer meeting broke out)

The Need to Speak in Tongues (mic issues–great content)

The Need for the Spiritual Mind (sorry mic issues)

Jesus is Supreme and we are victorious

Baptism in the Spirit is different from the Indwelling of the Spirit

Literally Born Again

Ministering To God

Bret Maki

Spiritual Weapons of Righteousness and Peace

Aaron Culp

Strength and Brokenness

Missionary Stuart German


Faith That Overcomes In This World

The Spirit, Life & Relationship

The Process of Kingdom Growth 1

The Circle of Glory (Christmas Eve Service)

Dean Niforatos

Responsive Hearts

Seeing Jesus- The Path of Faith

6 Tests To See If You Are In The Faith

Defeating the Giant of Despair

Awareness of His Presence

Flesh Cannot Produce Spirit

The Gospel

Father’s Day


Kids Sunday

Dean Niforatos Sunday

Dean Niforatos Saturday

Dean Niforatos Friday

The Carnal Mind

Christians and Unrepentance

Jeremiah Testimony

Brett Testimony

Easter 2015