Healing Testimonies

Eating at a Chinese restaurant the waitress had a upset stomach. We ministered to her in Jesus name and her stomach was healed. She took out some “crystals” she had for provision and good luck. We talked to her about Jesus and prayed with her to receive Him and forgive her sins. We left her and encouraged her to talk with Jesus and ask Him to reveal Himself more to her.

A 23 year old man gave his life to the Lord in the church office and then Jesus healed him of Spina Bifida. I talked to him a month later and he is still healed!

Eating at our local Pizza Ranch a lady worker we know is pregnant and coming close to her due date. I asked her if her back hurt. Of course it did. The Lord showed me that her pain and discomfort would “drain out” of her back like an upside down bottle that had the cap taken off. We prayed for her quickly and just as God said, she felt the pain “draining” down out of her back. 30 minutes later her back was feeling really good. I think she said “that was weird” I said it was Jesus. Update….5 days later her back is still feeling great even though she works on her feet all day, may God bless her pregnancy and delivery!

Visiting a inmate at the county jail recently, I saw him stand up from his chair (we are talking on phones with glass between us) I asked him if he had back pain. He said he has a bad disc. I prayed for him twice through the phone. All the pain left. I asked him how long it had bee since he was pain free and told me it had been years.

Visiting another man there the Lord gave me a word of knowledge about his dream life and seeing the same scene over and over, the man confirmed this was indeed happening to him. I was able to lead him in repentance and faith in Jesus.

A man’s hip pain completely disappeared while standing outside waiting for his taxi. He kept trying to find the bone that protruded out of his hip joint and was baffled why he couldn’t find it. My guess is God positioned rightly and the pain left too.

A lady in our church with a family history of cancer came out “cancer free” even though the doctors kept thinking each instance in her body was “probably cancer.”

A 16 year old teenage boy with a broken and sprained ankle was instantly healed at fair in Decorah. He walked around without his crutches. Pain was gone and tingling that had been in his foot was also gone. A couple weeks later the young man was still healed! The video for this can be found on youtube and the channel named doug bryce.

A old man with hip issues couldn’t believe that he could no longer feel any pain after we prayed for him. We met him on the streets and recognized the healing as a work of God in his life.

A teenage young man who was diagnosed with Scheuermann’s Disease was supernaturally healed. This condition puts the spinal column in a contorted position damaging the vertebra and discs. An MRI showed this spinal deformity, but after prayer 3 different scans showed a STRAIGHT spine. Praise the Lord!

A toddler with a sore knee who was complaining to her father, said her knee was “all better” after a short prayer rebuking the pain and praising Jesus for her healing.

A lady who had trouble with urinary tract infections was coping with a new infection. Her and her husband stood in prayer for her healing. The dad felt their young son should pray. After several small prayers the Lord began to heal her and by the next morning it was completely gone.

A mother came to church and asked for prayer for her daughter who had the flu. We prayed at that moment rebuke the sickness in Jesus name and called for her to be healed by the time the mom got home from church. When the mother went home the daughter was already healed and the flu was gone.

We prayed with a 67 year old man who is a weightlifter. His shoulder has been hurt for awhile. A week after we prayed for him he reported that his shoulder was better and gave credit to the prayer. This is now an open door to walk through concerning God’s love for him.

1. A woman with carpal tunnel like symptoms was healed. She had fingers that had no feeling in them and her wrist was in pain. After praying twice with her all her pain had left and her fingers “woke up.”

2. A man with back pain called and asked to come over to the house. We ministered to him for 10 minutes and he was completely healed. He was free from pain and was able to move freely.

3. A man in his twenties was powerfully healed on the streets. We prayed for his knee and told him to test it out and try to find the pain. So he jumped up in the air a couple of times and landed without pain. He told us that was the first time in two years he could jump. He was planning on having a surgery to try to fix his knee, but now he doesn’t have to.

4. A lady in her 50’s was marvelously healed of carpal tunnel in a two encounter blessing. In the first encounter all the pain came out of the joints of her hand. She was free until the next morning and her pain came back. A guy in our group ran into her the next day and rebuked the pain and it left immediately. I saw her 3 days later and she was still pain free and doing more with her hands then she had in a long time.

5. At Walmart pain came out of a broken ankle

6. At the gym we saw a man regain mobility in his finger

7. A man visiting the church for the first time was powerfully healed in the parking lot after service. Two years prior he had fallen a couple of stories and had destroyed his back. He was in constant pain and walked crooked. The men praying for him ask God to give him a new back and his spine began to move around in his back….all the pain left him and hours later he was skipping around his yard and telling people that he hasn’t felt this good in two years. Completely restored.

8. A lady in the county jailed, was saved, set free from addiction and physically healed in her knee which she had previously had multiple surgeries on. All pain had left her knee and she started receiving dreams from God. All this happened when she was separated from us by the glass window and talking over the jail phone.

9. A sore throat instantly was healed and the man sang later in the evening pain free.

10.A man has been feeling great since prayer for his chest/heart issue. Waiting for a medical checkup to confirm the healing. During prayer with this man I had a Word of Knowledge about his wife’s back pain. After praying I asked her about it and she confirmed it was true after a praying a couple of time the arthritis in her neck and back was healed. A check up a few hours later and she was still feeling great.

11. Going into a Bible study God gave me a Word of Knowledge to pray for a man and his son. I didn’t even know if he had a son. I asked him if he needed prayer for a “family” situation and he said yes for his son. Later that day his son contacted him from China and asked for a need to be filled. This father was touched by God’s generous attention.

12. At a local restaurant in Decorah our waitress was healed from the pain from Degenerative Disc Disease. After we prayed the first time a numbness came on her from her neck down her back. She still had some pain but could bend over further. We prayed again and asked the Holy Spirit for a “Holy Ghost ice pack” and her back started getting cold. When we were done she bent over and touched her toes and then bent over and touched the floor! She said she could not remember the last time she touched the floor. 2 Words of Knowledge came forward also for her finances and her daughter. Praise God for His generous care!

13. At McDonalds there was a lady with 2-3 Icy Hot patches on her shoulder and arm. She had tripped over a set of crutches several months before and had shoulder problems and never pain with restricted arm movement. Standing by the garbage cans we prayed and Jesus healed the pain in her arm, all the stiffeness left and the full range of movement came back. She was amazed and we were able to talk about the Lord.

14. Migraine healed for a lady who initially told us she was fine and skeptical. Her husband told us she had a headache. One short prayer and she said it was gone. Praise the Lord!

15. Fareway a lady was healed from back pain and headache

16. Walmart cashier had her back pain disappear.

17. I went of the streets in Fayette and asked God to show me somebody I could love on for Him. He lead me to a young college age man. He said he didn’t have a physical need but financial. We prayed for that and continued to talk. He started crying for no reason. Several times he would wipe his eyes and say “he didn’t know why” he a was crying. I told him the Holy Spirit was touching him. We prayed for him to experience God’s presence and for God to fill his heart with love. After praying he said his heart was full of Joy. I was able to share the Gospel with him and encourage him to make Chi Alpha.

18. A man called on the phone with back pain that was so bad he could barely move. After 25 minutes of commanding the pain to go he was 95% better.

19. We made our first street healing video in it we prayed for a man in front of a bar with hip issues and back pain. It was feeling better when we left and he was moving more freely. We are waiting to hear back to see how it is going. Later at Walmart a high school wrestler was healed of pain in his back and could move freely.

20. A man with long covid symptoms could only hold his breath for 15 seconds. After prayer during service 2 weeks later he testified he could not hold his breath for 40 seconds.  His lung capacity expanded and the limitations from covid were removed.