We Are

Christian LIFE Center:

We find our home in Decorah, but have people come from all around the area.  We are a Pentecostal church with a passion for the Holy Spirit to reveal Jesus Christ in us and through us.  Loving God and reaching people is our passion.  If you don’t have a church that you call home we invite you to join us. Our vision is to make disciples by touching people with God’s love, life and power.  If you are interested in being developed into a follower of Christ then make your home with us.You are welcome here anytime.

We believe they are two important foundations in a Christian’s life:

1. Know Him and love Him—that is to say we must have a passionate and growing relationship with Jesus.

2. Take a Risk and touch the world with His love, life and power.  We must “Go” as Jesus said.  To often the church forsakes the Great Commission by always wanting others to “come” to our churches.  Most ministry in church mandates that people come, we are in the process of creating ministries that “Go” out to the people.